Hadas Manor- boutique bridle dress design studio

The first hem

The first dress I designed was for myself. I was a young bride-to-be, excited, filled with hopes and dreams, and in search of a dress that would reflect the timeless elegance of the wedding tradition as well as my own passion and style. I couldn’t find that dress anywhere. So I picked up pencil and paper and sketched my very first dress. That’s how this adventure began. I wanted a breathtaking and unique dress for myself, so I made one. I wanted to dance in it, so I ditched the corset and sewed in a fitted lining instead. I wanted it to shimmer, so I added long sleeves and delicate streams of pearls, beads and flowers.
I looked and felt so beautiful that I decided to share this wonderful experience with brides-to-be all over the world.
I studied dressmaking and design, built a business around helping brides achieve their dreams, and have continued to learn and grow in the years since. My studio is always incorporating new techniques and styles, from the rich textures of the long-sleeved traditional Jewish dresses to the soft sensuality of bold modern cuts. That’s our promise, to give you the dress that not only fits you, but is you.

The studio

Hadar Manor Studio now produces a breathtaking new collection each year, designing and creating unique and elegant dresses for women in Israel and the United States.

A bride comes to us when she wants to have it all, timeless elegance combined with thrilling inspiration, professionalism and precision, comfort without compromise, and a dressmaker who knows that a wedding dress must tell the bride’s own story.

The dress

Designing the dress is a personal fascinating process, where thoughts and feelings are expressed in the figure and material. Every year the studio creates new bridle dresses, in this way you will be able to choose between personal matching of a dress from the existing variety, or designing and making a new dress from the variety of laces and fabrics in the studio, in a joint process with the designer.